Laboratory Services

The costs of obtaining and maintaining a full laboratory for research and testing are high. Such capital investments in equipment and expert staff are often prohibitive for most small companies and individuals. We understand that a simple microscopy image or precise measurement can make all the difference in a project, and offer wide range of laboratory service to keep your research or project moving.

The Scitus lab includes devices such as:

  • Plasma etching systems
  • Robotic dispensing
  • -60C freezers
  • Convection lab ovens
  • Vacuum chambers
  • Custom automated lab modules
  • Interferometers
  • Spectrometers
  • Vibrometers
  • Thermal metrology devices (FLIR, thermocouples, calorimeters, etc.)

Have a challenging problem? Let us help design and execute an experiment to get you the answers you need.