Engineering Partners

The field of engineering has never been one where enlightened projects are developed in isolation…and never will it be. The engineering team at Scitus works with several partner organizations when appropriate to ensure our customers are receiving the best design and engineering input.

CCG: Our parent company, and a leading CNC machining shop in the Northeast. A rich 42-year history of excellence in small component production and assembly. CNC Machining, milling, turning, grinding, high-speed and high-accuracy.

Dangelmayer Associates: customized ESD/EOS (Electrostatic Discharge Management/Electrical Over Stress) systems and consulting services. Specialties in S20.20 Programs, Class 0, CDM, Charged Board Events, S20.20, EOS and Cleanrooms.

RemPhos Technologies: experts in LED lighting. Capable of producing lighting prototypes as well as custom LED drivers. Full lab for light testing and evaluation.

Multex Automation: electrical engineering specialists with capabilities to create custom factory automation systems and test equipment.

Ion Design: develops a range of innovative consumer products, medical devices, and diagnostic instruments that give clients a competitive edge