Our Philosophy

All too often, entrepreneurs, doctors, scientists, inventors and academics with product-worthy inspirations lack the time, skill set or resources to develop those ideas and bring them to the acclaim they deserve. Scitus Engineering was created to bridge this divide.

- Our team is diverse. With a broad range of skills, we have what is required to guide your idea from concept to creation.

- Our customers are an eclectic mix. From Fortune 500 companies to individual inventors, we work with our customers to temporarily bolster existing teams or for complete cradle-to-grave product cycles.

- Our design portfolio is broad. We have established success in the fields of medical devices, consumer products, automation, and optimization.

An important part of any successful business is understanding the needs of your customers. We have found that the traditional fee-for-service consulting model, while suitable for most larger customers with established programs, is not ideal for up and coming businesses or individuals who lack substantial capital. It is because of this that we offer equity-for-service opportunities: customer-specific packages tailored to getting businesses to the next level without breaking the bank. Equity-for-service is ideal for principals who need to develop their ideas to the working prototype status so often demanded by prospective investors. When a suitable project is identified, Scitus is willing to take an active equity position in the company or IP in exchange for our services.

Trying to decide the best way to move ahead? Consider a confidential, casual, and commitment-free conversation with our team.

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